Courts Asia joins Shark Savers to say "We're FINished with FINS"

Posted on October 5, 2012
Written by: Shark Savers
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FINished_03_0981.jpgSingapore, 05 October, 2012 – Courts Asia, the largest electrical, technology, and furniture retailer in Southeast Asia, has announced it is taking a corporate-wide pledge to not eat or serve shark fin soup. Courts Asia’s pledge marks its participation in the ‘We’re FINished with Fins’ campaign run by the conservation organisation Shark Savers.

The announcement, made today by Terry O’Connor, the CEO of Courts Asia, will initiate the corporate pledge as well as an employee policy to disallow the consumption or serving of shark’s fin soup at company events, banquets, or dinners.

“As a responsible corporate entity, it is our role to look at practices that may be harmful to the environment and then implement change to shift mindsets. It is with great pleasure for us to work with Shark Savers to pledge our commitment toward ‘We’re FINished with Fins’ and I hope our actions will spur more businesses and individuals to join this cause and help save our dwindling shark population,” said Mr. Terry O’Connor, Chief Executive Officer for Courts Asia Pte Ltd.

Sharks are killed by the tens of millions a year, primarily due to the high demand for their fins for the soup. Scientists are noting that shark fin soup consumption is a primary cause of the demise of many shark populations, which in turn has been linked to the disruption of ocean health and balance.Terry-OConnor.jpg

Mr. Jonn Lu, the Director of Shark Savers Singapore, notes that “Courts has a long history of promoting social causes to benefit the communities where it does business. We are inspired by Terry O’Connor’s leadership by taking this pro-environmental stand and guiding his company away from the highly destructive shark fin soup.”

Shark Savers is partnering with Courts Asia to assist it become “FINished with Fins” by having “Shark 101” shark conservation education sessions with all key managerial staff and screening videos to Courts employees on the importance of sharks to the marine environment. Shark Savers will also help Courts to begin a new annual Environment Day for its employee community.

Headquartered in Singapore, Courts Asia opened its first retail outlet in 1974. Since that time, it has grown to 12 stores in Singapore, 57 stores in Malaysia, with approximately 2000 employees in the two countries. Courts Asia has recently embarked on a rapid expansion plan to open more stores in both countries. The “We’re FINished” pledge extends to all of these stores and employees effective immediately.



About Courts Asia

Established in Singapore since 1974, Courts Asia is Singapore’s and Malaysia’s largest electrical, IT and furniture retailer. In line with its mission ‘to be the most customer orientated, profit focused retailer making aspirational home products easily affordable’, Courts is committed to offering the best categories at the right prices. Constantly transforming the concept of retail in Singapore, Courts is one of the pioneer retailers who introduced out-of-town shopping and the ‘big box’ Megastore concept at Singapore’s first Retail Park. Since its launch, the new flagship store, Courts Megastore has clinched both international and local awards. Courts currently has 12 stores located island-wide in Singapore and more than 57 stores in Malaysia. For more information, visit


About Shark Savers Singapore

Shark Savers Singapore is a non-profit marine conservation organisation dedicated to saving sharks through awareness, education and direct grassroots action. Shark Savers Singapore’s mission is to empower Singaporeans to educate and inform their friends and family about the plight of sharks; that the unsustainable consumption of shark fin soup is responsible for the intense overfishing of sharks worldwide, destroying a critical link in the maintenance of healthy commercial fisheries and global marine ecosystems.

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