Anti- shark fin soup billboards installed on China streets. See the photos.

Posted on January 4, 2010
Written by: Shark Savers

Billboard13S.pngBus stop billboards, featuring Yao Ming and a message opposing shark fin soup, were installed in Beijing and China during December 2009. These billboards are part of the "Say 'no' to shark fin soup" campaign undertaken by WildAid and Shark Savers.

Hundreds of you contributed to the campaign to purchase billboards and related media in the months since November, 2009.

Going forward, funds collected for the shark fin soup campaign will be utilized for other media in addition to bus stop billboards: Television, electronic monitors showing the Yao Ming message in public places, online efforts, grassroots campaigning, billboards, and other media as they become available. It is important that we sustain the campaign and expand it over time. Thanks for your continued support. If you would like to donate to this campaign, click here.

Below are pictures of a few of the that have been installed. We'll post more images of the other media as we receive them. 

Billboards in Beijing

Billboards in Shanghai