ACTION ALERT: Help Ban Shark Fins in Illinois!

Posted on May 18, 2012
Written by: Shark Savers
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Illinois residents: Please call your state senator to support the shark fin ban.

BloodySharks_DSC6774wm.jpgThe bill to ban the sale, trade, possession and distribution of shark fin has passed the House of Representatives in Illinois and is now being considered by the Senate. It will only take a quick phone call from you to help protect millions of sharks from the increasing demand for their fins.

  • If you are an Illinois resident:
    Please call or send a letter of support to your Senator.  You can use this form to look up your state senator.
    If you know who your senator is, find contact information here.
  • If you NOT an Illinois resident:
    Please forward this action on to your friends and family in Illinois.

You do not need to go into great detail when you call, simply say:

"I am a member of your district and I urge you to support H.B. 4119, the bill to ban shark fins in Illinois."

If your Senator is already a sponsor or a Senate Environment Committee member who supported the bill, please thank them for their leadership. The list of bill sponsors and supporters is listed below:

Bill Sponsors

Representative Sara Feigenholtz    (bill sponsor)
12th Representative District
phone: (217) 782-8062   (capitol office)
phone: (773) 296-4141   (chicago office)

Senator Antonio Muñoz    (bill sponsor)
1st Senate District
phone: (217) 782-9415   (capitol office)
phone: (773) 869-9050   (chicago office)

Senator John Mulroe    (bill sponsor)
10th Senate District
phone: (217) 782-1035   (capitol office)
phone: (773) 763-3810   (chicago office)

Senator Pamela Althoff    (bill sponsor)
32nd Senate District
phone: (217) 782-8000   (capitol office)
phone: (815) 455-6330   (district office)

Senator Kirk Dillard    (bill sponsor)
24th Senate District
phone: (217) 782-8148   (capitol office)
phone: (630) 969-0990   (district office)

Members of the Senate Environment Committee who supported HB4119

Senator Susan Garrett
29th Senate district
phone: (217) 782-3650   (capitol office)

Senator Heather Steans
7th Senate district
phone: (217) 782-8492   (capitol office)

Senator Annazette Collins
5th Senate district
phone: (217) 782-6252   (capitol office)

Senator Maggie Crotty
19th Senate district
phone: (217) 782-9595   (capitol office)

Senator Pat McGuire
43rd Senate district
phone: (217) 782-8800   (capitol office)

Senator Sue Rezin
38th Senate district
phone: (217) 782-3840   (capitol office)

Senator Carole Pankau
23rd Senate district
phone: (217) 782-9463   (capitol office)