Lemonade Stand for Shark Conservation!

Posted on November 26, 2011
Written by: Samantha Whitcraft

Nathaniel.jpgHere at Shark Savers our mission is to save the sharks. And every day we are reminded that it takes an engaged, dedicated community of like-minded citizens taking action as local conservationists, advocates, and activists to bring about positive change for sharks. We are contacted weekly by concerned citizens wanting to know what they can ‘do’ to help save sharks, and through our Ban-the-Fin and .Say NO to Shark Fin Soup Campaigns, we happily provide educational outreach materials, social-networking tips, and overall guidance to take action in your community.

Recently, however, we were reminded that young entrepreneurs also have a key role to play! An eleven-year-old boy in California read about the plight of sharks, in Scuba Diving Magazine, and decided to apply his knowledge, know-how, and initiative to contribute to their conservation by setting-up a lemonade stand. He got his little sister to help, made colorful signs, and sold lemonade in his neighborhood raising over $200. Nathaniel then sent us a wonderful picture and letter about his excellent efforts (see below).

We send our heartfelt thanks and admiration to Nathaniel and his whole family for raising the funds, caring about sharks, and giving everyone at Shark Savers another reason to believe that we can all do something to save sharks.

Nathaniel’s letter, below, is truly inspirational.


Text of letter from Nathaniel,
11 years old:

Dear Shark Savers,

My name is Nathaniel. I am 11 years old. I live in California. I read about you in the June issue of Scuba Diving Magazine, so I looked you up on-line. I really like what you are doing to save the sharks. I hate the fact that people are killing sharks just for their fins. I wanted to help you with your mission. My little sister and I decided to raise money by having a lemonade stand. After several good days of sales we raised $221.51. Enclosed is a check and a picture or our lemonade stand.

Thank you or what you are doing to help the sharks.




Feeling inspired? Want to help raise funds for shark conservation too? Click here to register as a Shark Savers’ fund raiser and help us continue our mission to save the sharks! Thank you.