Julie Andersen

Julie250echeng.jpgJulie Andersen has always been a passionate environmentalist, diver and lover of the oceans, with a special relationship to sharks. She has been diving with sharks for more than 15 years, logging more than 300 hours in the water with many different species and habitats. In that time, she has personally witnessed the devastation of the animal she cherishes, and so she has committed herself to the protection of sharks. She co-founded Shark Savers, a grassroots conservation organization dedicated to the preservation of sharks through awareness, education and action, with five other passionate shark saviors over a year ago.

A lifelong entrepreneur, Julie has channeled over 14 years of professional experience in advertising, business strategy, marketing, public relations, and business development, into a mission to save the oceans, starting with sharks. Having built several businesses from the ground up, with upwards of 40 employees and $7 million in yearly revenue in a few years time, she brings a unique perspective and deep experience to the cause. She has developed strategies and managed multi-million dollar marketing initiatives for clients that include AOL, Porsche, Citibank, Volkswagen, Chase, and Mercedes-Benz, and now, applies that expertise to the business of saving the creatures that desperately need her help. In doing so, she has taken on the hardest PR job on the planet.

In addition to co-founding Shark Savers, Julie works for the award-winning documentary, Sharkwater (www.sharkwater.com) , spearheading outreach and marketing initiatives. And, Julie is a Shark Angel – one of three shark defenders in the world that are taking on the forces threatening sharks and raising awareness around the plight of the sharks. Shark Angels is a global movement as well as a series.