About Shark Savers

Our mission is to save sharks and rays

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About Shark Savers

We started Shark Savers to save the sharks.

 As divers, lovers of the environment, and admirers of the ocean, we have personally witnessed the devastation of everything we hold sacred – including our precious sharks.  But when we wanted to do something we realized that it wasn’t as easy as it should be. Learning about sharks, educating others, developing tools to build awareness and choosing the right things to focus on in order to make a difference were all cumbersome and challenging. And there was no clear, globalized movement that speaks to the average citizen to join. We thought there should be. And thus, Shark Savers was born. We are working to:

Improve the image of sharks.  Shark Savers is dedicated to spreading scientifically sound information from leading scientists on the truth about sharks through our website, press releases interviews and social media sites to counter the media's negative and often factually incorrect portrayal of sharks.

Raise awareness about threats to sharks.  Shark Savers team members give educational presentations in communities around the world, attend highly-visible events throughout the year and build partnerships that capitalize on the media attention sharks are getting to raise awareness about threats to sharks.

Reduce demand for shark fins. Shark Savers harnesses the power of celebrities to educate the public about the origin of shark fins as well as overfishing, illegal shark finning and other health hazards associated with shark fin soup using billboards, at events and through social media to change people's eating habits and reduce the demand for shark fins.

End the practice of shark finning globally. Shark Savers works with nations around the world to create bans on the shark fin trade, pushes for international protections for sharks, and provides the tools to create and protect marine reserves where sharks still thrive.