Palauan President's address to the UN and the Shark Sanctuary

Posted on September 26, 2009
Written by: Shark Savers
Tags: Shark Sanctuaries Campaign 

Below is the statement included in the address to the United Nations presented by President Johnson Toribiong of Palau, September 25, 2009:

(After discussing Palau's ban on bottom trawling, President Toribiong continues:)

"An equally destructive fishing practice is shark-finning. We have banned it in Palau and call upon the world to address this issue in order to save the sharks from extinction.

"The strength and beauty of sharks are a natural barometer for the health of our oceans. Therefore, I declare today that Palau will become the world's first national shark sanctuary, ending all commercial shark fishing in our waters and giving a sanctuary for sharks to live and reproduce unmolested in our 237,000 square miles of ocean. We call upon all nations to join us."