April Encounters in Utila

Posted on May 15, 2009
Written by: Shark Savers

We are still boasting a flawless record. From January 2008 to April 2009, Utila is the only place in the world that has confirmed sightings for every month. Well done.

There have been only a handful of sightings reported- the last one dated April 13 and consisted of mostly males, as it is usually the case.

At time of print there are now 78 Honduran whale sharks in the Ecocean Photo-Identification Library and you can now adopt one!

Your Very Own
On the Ecocean main page (whaleshark.org) look right and you will see the name and photo of a variety of people.. They all adopted a whale shark and so can you.
A whale shark adoption allows you to:

  • support cutting-edge whale shark research through the ECOCEAN Library
  • receive email updates of resightings of your adopted shark
  • display your photo and a quote from you on the shark's page in our library

Funds are used to offset the costs of maintaining this global library and to support new and existing research projects for the world's most mysterious fish.

Details at http://whaleshark.org/adoptashark.jsp

Reviewing the Basics
Get ready for the next encounter..












Thank you for your involvment,

Isabelle Foisy
Utila Whale Shark Research