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48-Hour Web-athon of Art for Sharks!

Staying awake for 48 hours while you create artwork suggested by others, while the entire process streams live on the internet. That may seem like a novel idea to some, but to Ara Elkins it was just a fun way to share his appreciation for sharks. Ara and his friends devised a unique plan to bring together the online art communities they each belong to and raise some funds for Shark Savers. The event began on December 16th, 2011 and continued for two days non-stop. Artists volunteered their time and talents drew pictures in real time to flow into a live art stream on an event web page. Participants donated using Shark Savers' fundraiser's Donor Page specially set up for the event.

An Ironman for sharks!

Early in 2011, Shark Savers received a request from a young man who wanted help bring shark awareness to the Ford Ironman World Championship in Kona, Hawaii on October 8th, 2011. Brian Yannutz, a recent graduate of marine sciences from University of Hawaii at Hilo, had previous experience in shark conservation. Following the landmark fin trade ban in Hawaii, he visited Chinese restaurants in his town to inform them of the new legislation and asked them to sign a pledge to stop selling shark fin soup.

Yoga for Sharks!

We all know that the practice of yoga supports stress relief and relaxation but did you know that it can also support shark conservation?

Lemonade Stand for Shark Conservation!

Here at Shark Savers our mission is to save the sharks. And every day we are reminded that it takes an engaged, dedicated community of like-minded citizens taking action as local conservationists, advocates, and activists to bring about positive change for sharks. We are contacted weekly by concerned citizens wanting to know what they can ‘do’ to help save sharks, and through our Ban-the-Fin and .Say NO to Shark Fin Soup Campaigns, we happily provide educational outreach materials, social-networking tips, and overall guidance to take action in your community.

Swimming for the Sharks

As an open water swimmer with a strong connection and respect for the ocean and its inhabitants, I am using my swimming to help raise awareness for sharks in any way I can.

Sea Wizards: 72hr Art Marathon to Raise Money for Sharks!

Don’t miss your chance to grab one-of-a-kind artwork designed just for you by a group of very talented Shark Savers! Ara Elkins and Pan Wyatt are organizing their second Charity Art Marathon this July 27-29 to raise money for sharks.

Young Shark Saver Wants To Teach You About Sharks!

Did you know that "shark teeth have been used as weapons and tools for many centuries”? Colin Vineberg knows this because he has been obsessed with sharks since he was two years old and now, at seven, has published a book about sharks!

Shark Fin-Shaped Cookies a Hit at Education Event

Organized by Chen Xiao Xian and Geraldine Kok from Tanjong Katong Girls School, the awareness and outreach event was part of their Project Work Festival at school, where they could choose a project that they were passionate about.

Get a Free Felt Shark with Every Donation

Who knew that little felt animals could make such a difference? Christina Teng has raised over $1,000 and counting for sharks by sending everyone who donates to her fundraising page little felt animals as a thank you.

Shirts for Sharks

Amy Engel got her entire school involved in shark conservation by organizing “Wear a Shark Shirt” days and selling tees printed with her own slogan, “Shirts for sharks: By protecting them, we protect ourselves.”

Kicking-off Shark Week in Style

Nikki Ackleson and husband Mark Bechtold kicked off Shark Week in style with a shark-themed party that helped spread the word that sharks need our help.