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So, you want to go shark diving…now what?

If there is one common question I get from people all over the world, it is about the level of skills necessary to be with sharks, followed by an expression of mixed fear and desire to meet them.

Shark Diving, Shark Feeding, and Common Sense

I am a shark feeder: I have been feeding Caribbean reef sharks for the past 18 years. One might assume then that any discussion coming from me would always conclude that feeding is the only way to conduct a shark dive. Not so.

Teaching Tonic & Respect for Sharks

I have been working with sharks for over 16 years. I started right here, where I am now, at UNEXSO, with Caribbean reef sharks under the great tutelage of Ben Rose, “Uncle Ben” for me. Ben saw my passion and love for sharks and, sure enough, in a matter of a couple of years I was the head of the shark feed training and handling here.

In the Land of Shark Fin Soup

Last year I was invited to Singapore to help create a new educational program about sharks and their role in the oceans. It was my first time traveling so far East, so it was my first time getting so close to the areas known for consuming large amount of shark fin soup.

How Safe Shark Diving Procedures Can Help Protect Sharks

Protection for the team, for the guests and for the operation is the key to protecting sharks. These shark encounters have proved fundamental to developing knowledge and education for the public.

Should You Go Cage-Free Diving with Great White Sharks?

Cristina Zenato looks at this new trend and raises questions that every diver should consider before going cage free with Great Whites