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About SharksCount

Enabling divers to become citizen scientists

About SharksCount

Shark Savers works to improve protections for sharks.  Increasing protections for sharks requires information about local populations.  However even basic data is often absent or missing. Divers see sharks the most frequently and regularly and are often familiar with local trends but rarely have the training or tools to accurately and consistently record these valuable sightings in a way that can be useful to shark conservation and advocacy.

SharksCount seeks to close an important data gap by enabling divers to act as “citizen scientists for sharks.” Over time, these sightings will provide essential information about local shark population trends with the potential of improving protections for sharks.

Shark Savers works with leading marine scientists to ensure that our data collection methodology is well developed and useful. We create well-designed surveys and make plans for accurate analysis and effective dissemination when surveying sharks or any other species. Making data available to scientists, resource managers, and our local partners is crucial for effective analysis and applications of the collected information. It is also important for involved citizens and divers to be aware of when and how scientists utilize this data, to help further enhance public scientific literacy.

"I recently needed to find where to obtain more lemon sharks to tag for my research study in Florida. Shark Savers' SharksCount Program provided me with data on where their divers had seen and logged these sharks that helped me to find them more effectively.  This is a great example of how this citizen science program can work in conjunction with scientific research, regionally.” ~ Steve Kessel, Ph.D., Cardiff University - School of Biosciences


SharksCount launches. The SharksCount campaign was launched to close important data gaps about local shark populations by training divers to record valuable sightings. Over time, these sightings will provide essential information with the potential of improving protections for sharks.


SharksCount campaign studies sharks in Fiji. Shark Savers was both a sponsor and participant in the Great Fiji Shark Count, the first major partnership of the SharksCount campaign, a citizen-science database of shark sightings that mapped shark distribution and abundance in Fiji for the first time.

SharksCount campaign logs shark sightings in the Line Islands. Shark Savers joined forces with Pangaea Explorations on an expedition to the Line Islands to colllect data for local shark conservation initiatives.