It's time to say I'm FINished with fins.
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Don't Serve Shark Fin Soup at Weddings

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Don't Serve Shark Fin Soup at Weddings

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Shark fin soup has now become an expected part of a Chinese wedding celebration, symbolizing health and good fortune for the married couple, and status for the host.

But with its high mercury content and toxic contaminants, shark fin soup is anything but healthy for those who eat it.  These neurotoxins are linked to lower sperm count and sterility in men, and mental disabilities for developing babies. You may not be affected after just one bowl of soup, but the concerns are very real. Why else do health departments around the world warm women of child-bearing age not to eat shark? 

As for good fortune, the demand for shark fin soup is actually decimating shark populations and putting the health of our ocean ecosystems at risk. Instead of spending money on shark fin soup, one of the most expensive meals of a banquet, consider using your money to help launch a married life full of prosperity, not one that furthers a legacy of environmental destruction.

Join the many couples who have said that they are FINished with FINS by not serving shark’s fin soup at your wedding! Here's what you can do:

  • Take the Pledge not to eat or serve shark fin soup.
  • Explain to your family why you do not want to serve shark fin soup.  While it may seem daunting at first, our I'm FINished with FINS Brochure can help you explain the dangers of shark’s fin soup to your parents and why it is important to you that it is not served at your wedding. 
  • Choose a banquet hall that offers delicious shark fin-free alternatives. There are many other traditional foods that can be served instead of shark fin soup.  Shark fin soup is very profitable for banquet halls, so if you get any resistance from them, be firm about your decision.  This is your wedding, not theirs.
  • Download and print the Shark Savers Wedding Banquet Table Card. Place our beautifully designed cards on the tables at your wedding to explain your decision to your guests. Or create your own personalized cards that reflect your own beliefs and email them to us.
  • Invited to a wedding? Send our RSVP Card that you can download and print out requesting that your hosts do not serve you shark fin soup.