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Encourage restaurants to remove shark fin soup from the menu

Photo Credit: John Scarlett

Restaurant managers that serve shark fin soup may think that they are simply providing a traditional meal that their customers want.  They may not know that by serving shark's fin soup they are pushing sharks to extinction, causing an imbalance in our ocean ecosystem and serving their customers food that may contain dangerous toxins.  They may also be concerned that if they stop serving shark's fin soup they will lose customers to their competitors who are still serving it.

As customers, you, your friends, family and neighbors can help to educate restaurant owners about shark fin soup and ask them not to serve it. Here's how:

  • Educate yourself about shark’s fin soup by reading the articles and reports on this web site.
  • Look for restaurants in your area that serve shark’s fin soup. You may already know of places that serve shark’s fin, or you can check out the Animal Welfare Institute’s website for complete listings
  • Visit the restaurant and ask to speak with the owner or manager to discuss the issue. Do your best. You may not succeed the first time out, but you will at least have started a dialogue about an important issue.
  • Ask the restaurant to consider alternatives to shark fin that are less damaging to the environment.
  • Enlist friends to join you in these efforts. Revisit restaurants again in a month or two for another try.
  • Email us about the restaurants that have stopped serving shark fin soup.