What's new in the relaunched Shark Savers web site

Posted on April 11, 2009
Written by: Shark Savers

Before I say anything else: the site is in beta, meaning it just newly launched and you may find problems. Please email us if you find pages not displaying properly, links not working, typos, or anything not working properly. If you do email us, make sure you include the URL to the page, the issue, and if appropriate, a screen shot.

The Shark Savers web site is in many ways new.


The design is new and familiar, at the same time. It is an evolution, or maturing, of the original design and reflects the Shark Savers brand. It is meant to be clean, reinforce the simple structure of the site, and not get in the way of the content.


Much of the content is new or has been freshioned up. Here are some highlights:

  • 'Education' section includes
    • The 'Introduction to shark species' section has been cleaned up. Shark galleries and images have been added.
    • New articles prepared by marine biologists and Shark Savers.
    • 'News about sharks' has been moved to be a category within 'Education'. Dozens of articles have been added.
    • 'Recommended web sites' is now included within 'Education'.
  • 'Get involved' section includes
    • More specific ways you can help to save sharks.
    • New petitions: Palau and the Maldives.
    • A separate category for archived, closed petitions.
  • 'Blogs'
    • New blog entries for Shark Savers, Utila whale shark blog, and Julie's field reports from South Africa.
  • 'Galleries'
    • We have added several new galleries of shark pictures. Some of these are also found in 'Introduction to shark species'
  • 'About us'
    • Our programs have been more clearly defined. They are all under-funded at this time, and all are a work-in-progress

Functionality and technology

  • The site represents a major upgrade. It was built untilizing Joomla 1.5, an open source content management system
  • The navigation and menu system is more useful
  • The petitions functionality and the display of signatures has been redeveloped and improved.
  • We've added Social Twist's 'Tell a friend' widget to help you send article or petition invitations to your friends.
  • And many small improvements

This redesign and upgrade turned into a much bigger effort than we set out to undertake, as is often the case. We still have more that we plan to do across the year, some of which is already in progress:

  • Translations of the sit into other languages
  • Continued integration of social networking capabilities
  • Continuous addition of content. Some of you may want to provide some.

We hope you like it and find the site to be more useful and pleasing. And don't forget to send us an email if you come across problems.



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