Update on the shark fin soup campaign in China

Posted on June 13, 2010
Written by: Shark Savers

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The billboard and other public media portion of the "Say 'no' to shark fin soup" campaign that we are conducting together with WildAid and Oceana has expanded to Guangzhou. Guangzhou is the third largest city of China and has traditionally had one of the highest use of shark fin soup.

This is one reason why we included Guangzhou on the shooting schedule of our short documentary film on shark fin soup that is currently in production. Julie Andersen, with our film team, visited entire shopping malls four stories high full of shark fins and other items from the oceans. The stores included almost every shark species under the sun, including the protected species of whale shark and basking shark.

In and around Guangzhou, we have two "say no" shark fin soup public service announcements (PSAs) playing,  one with Yao Ming, (which you can see by clicking on the second video, here) and another with Olympic diver medalist Guo Jingjing. The PSAs are playing on public video monitors beginning mid-May for at least 6 months in the following quantities and location types:

  • 11,000 monitors inside of taxis with 1,000,000 viewer per day.
  • 1000 monitors set up in 600 government buildings with 500,000 viewer per week. (including Government of Guangzhou Municipality, Bureau of Education of Guangzhou Municipality, Bureau of Culture of Guangzhou, Taxation bureau, Bureau of Personnel of Guangzhou Municipality, Hospital etc.)
  • 300 LED screen monitors on the major streets with 1,000,000 viewers per day.

Total media value, if we had purchased the media at full rate, is: RMB 678,840 per month or US$99,683 per month.

Additionally, WildAid has just managed to finalize the agreement for 14 of massive, 8 metre wide billboards for several months in Beijing. We hope to have pictures of those when they are up. But, we do have some pictures of the media in Guangzhou. They're not the best images, but you can view them by clicking on the gallery image, above.


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