Shark Savers and Keep Paddlin: The Power of Hope

Posted on June 10, 2011
Written by: Shark Savers

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Shark Savers is proud to join with Dream Big and Keep Paddlin to support Cynthia Aguilar's attempt to set the distance record for prone distance paddling from Cuba to Key West. We support her goal to be the first solo, non-stop, prone paddle boarder to cross the Florida Straits, both to raise funds for the Make-A-Wish Foundation and to raise awareness about the plight of sharks.

Cynthia is a Shark Savers "ocean ambassador", a South Beach lifeguard, and an endurance athlete who set world records in extreme distance paddling. In 2007 she broke the record paddling solo from Bimini Cat Cay in the Bahamas across the Bermuda Triangle to Dania Beach, Florida; a total of 58 miles in support of AIDS research and Care Resource. Cynthia believes that seeking endurance records not only benefits critically ill children, but also raises awareness about conservation issues.

Cynthia is often asked if she is afraid of sharks. Not only is she not afraid of sharks, she loves them. Cynthia's second home is on her board, and because of that, she understands how important sharks are to the ecological balance in the oceans.

The paddle is planned for the week of June 13, weather permitting. For the second time, Shark Savers Marine Biologist Samantha Whitcraft will be joining the Dream Big crew to support Cynthia's epic attempt. Dream Big is more than just a paddle and a documentary film, it is a tool to realize the power of hope and the proof one person can make a difference both for our communities and our oceans. You can view a video of Cynthia and learn more about her quest on

We will be following Cynthia on Shark Saver's Facebook page, stay tuned for updates.


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