San Francisco ad campaign combats shark fin soup

Posted on April 18, 2011
Written by: Shark Savers

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Shark Savers has joined WildAid, Oceana, and the Humane Society in an advertising campaign to run in San Francisco MUNI buses to combat the consumption of shark fin soup. In addition to reducing shark fin soup consumption, the purpose of the campaign is to boost community awareness in the San Francisco Bay Area and support the ongoing efforts to pass the California Shark Fin Ban, AB376.

The campaign is running between March 21 and June 18, 2011, in both English and Chinese. It will run on over 275 queen, tail and interior ads will run on San Francisco MUNI buses.  Buses routes were chosen that run directly through Chinatown as well as other neighborhoods with high concentration of Asians such as Richmond, Excelsior and Sunset.

Three ads are running, now. Click on the image below to view some of the ads making their way through San Francisco.

Ad #1 is with NBA All-Star Yao Ming, asking consumers to Just Say No to shark fin soup. Click on the images below to expand the view.


Ad #2 talks about the high levels of of the neurotoxin mercury that is found in sharks at elevated levels.


Ad #3 addresses the act of shark finning and how tens of millions of sharks end up in shark find soup.



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