Preview teaser of our new film on shark fin soup

Posted on July 15, 2010
Written by: Shark Savers

We have been mentioning that Shark Savers has taken root in Hong Kong with an amazing team of folks from Hong Kong. We made our debut the weekend of July 16th at the Dive, Resorts, and Travel Show in Hong Kong. Consistent with our positively oriented approach, we are aiming to get thousands of people to pledge not to eat shark fin soup - either in Cantonese or English! 

We recently produced a film in Hong Kong and China that interviews many wonderful people who have pledged not to eat shark fin soup. That film is not done, yet, but we do have a teaser for it. See it now:

We will shortly be issuing a series of films coming out of this production.

See our press release on our Hong Kong debut, here.


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