New documentation shows extent of shark fin trade in Taiwan

Posted on October 19, 2011
Written by: Shark Savers

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The Pew Environmental Group and TRAFFIC released a critical report today, complete with extensive photo evidence, of large-scale shark fin processing in Taiwan. Bravo to Pew and Traffic for undertaking this research and making it available. And thanks to Shark Savers Director Shawn Heinrichs for actually going in and snapping these pictures.

From the Pew press release:

Ten months after releasing a landmark report revealing the planet’s top 20 shark-fishing catchers, the Pew Environment Group is expressing concern about new images and video taken in Taiwan that detail the expansive and unregulated nature of shark fishing globally. The depictions show fins and body parts of biologically vulnerable shark species, such as scalloped hammerhead and oceanic whitetip, being readied for market.

“These images present a snapshot of the immense scale of shark-fishing operations and show the devastation resulting from the lack of science-based management of sharks, “said Matt Rand, director of global shark conservation at the Pew Environment Group. “Unfortunately, since there are no limits on the number of these animals that can be killed in the open ocean, this activity can continue unabated.”

Read more and see entire gallery, here.
More pictures and an interview with Shawn Heinrichs, in this story from NPR.

One way that you can help to stop the demand that is causing the shark fin industry is to get involved in our Shark Fin Soup campaign or our Ban the Fin campaign.


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