New Children's Book Teaches Shark Conservation

Posted on May 18, 2012
Written by: Shark Savers

bookreview_professorClark.jpgThese days, you can find just about any shark-themed items marketed for kids: There are t-shirts, board games, pencils, plush toys and even a remote-controlled flying shark. But try to find material that explains to kids what sharks really do for the oceans and what dangers they face, and you are out of luck.  

Karen Lamberson noticed this too. An art teacher for 16 years, Karen is fascinated by sharks and wants to share her passion with others. She caught the attention of her students and staff by showing clips from informative films like “This is Your Ocean: Sharks,” featuring Jim Abernethy (Shark Savers Advisor), Dr. Guy Harvey, and Wyland. Karen created lesson plans centered on the importance of sharks in the ecosystem. 

But when it came to providing educational materials, everything Karen could find portrayed sharks as an evil villain to be feared but not understood. There needed to be a spokesperson, or “spokeshark,” that could encourage the next generation to see sharks as the fascinating animals they are, not man-eating monsters. So Karen sat down and created Professor Clark the Science Shark. 

Professor Clark the Science Shark follows the life and adventures of an extraordinary tiger shark who wants to teach others about ocean ecosystems after he discovers his family was overfished.

The beautifully illustrated series of books follows the little pup on his journey to become a professor in poignant storylines that reflect the message of shark conservation. Karen contacted Shark Savers to make sure that her message was backed by sound science and we were happy to provide her with the most effective conservation messages that she weaved into her story to reflect the natural world of a tiger shark as much as possible, without losing the magic of an imaginary, talking shark professor!  

Karen is now working closely with Shark Savers to create more stories about endangered marine life like Hannah the manta ray, and Shiv the whale shark, as well as teaming up with Coast Ecology and Jim Abernathy’s Scuba Adventures for stories on ocean pollution, coral reef protection, the Sargasso Sea and other issues affecting the ocean’s ecosystems.  

The first book in the Professor Clark Series, The Beginning, will soon be available in the Shark Savers store and it can be currently bought at


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