Help establish a new shark sanctuary in Raja Ampat, Indonesia

Posted on July 15, 2010
Written by: Shark Savers
Tags: Shark Sanctuaries Campaign 

Indonesia enjoys the most biodiverse ocean environments on the planet. Unfortunately, it is also the world's largest shark fishery, having all but emptied its waters of a valuable resource: its sharks.

Raja Ampat in Eastern Indonesia is perhaps the crown jewel of this biodiverse region, but its shark populations have been ravaged and its manta populations are now under siege.

Shark Savers is working with the Misool Eco Resort, Conservation International's Indonesia Marine Program, WildAid, and other NGOs and eco-tourism companies on a new initiative to convince the Raja Ampat government to prohibit all fishing of sharks, mantas, and mobulas.

Please sign our new petition and invite your friends to sign, urging the government to protect sharks and their cousins, mantas and mobulas, in Raja Ampat. This petition can demonstrate the intense international appeal of protecting sharks, especially among people like you who are the likely eco-tourists willing to travel to Raja Ampat, especially if the sharks return. Please let the government how you feel.


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