Florida Shark Party Raises Awareness & Funds

Posted on November 12, 2012
Written by: Shark Savers

sharkpartyfoodWEB.jpgWhen they saw the line out the door, they knew it was going to be a good night.  Over 100 divers, kids and curious members of the local community came to Force-E Dive Shop in Pompano to celebrate the hard work of the local volunteers, bring awareness to the community and raise some funds at the 2012 Florida Shark Party.

“We had pre-sold so many and thought there might be one or two people who would buy a ticket at the door” says Hannah Medd, Outreach Manager for Shark Savers who helped organized the event. “It was so exciting to see that the word had spread and even more people wanted to support Shark Savers and shark conservation!”

Guests got to enjoy food from the Fresh Market, pizza from Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza, drinks from Land Shark Lager and desserts by the Shark Whisperer.  Afterwards they got to bid on some amazing auction items, including brand new dive gear from Aqua Lung. 

“We were so grateful to receive such generous donations from very prominent businesses that were eager to work with us” says Hannah, who credits the hard work to her party volunteers Angela Smith and Nikole Ordway. 

“They deserve a big thank you for working so tirelessly to execute the party so flawlessly.”


Hannah couldn’t be happier about the results of the evening, which raised $3,500 for shark conservation programs and promoted the hard work of the SharksCount divers, who log shark sightings in Florida as citizen scientists for shark conservation.

“I encourage anyone who is thinking about having a fundraiser for Shark Savers to have a party” says Hannah. “Brainstorm with friends for donor and sponsorship contacts and just start the conversation.  Don’t be afraid to ask! People and companies are very willing to help a good cause.”

“It is such a fun way to make a difference!”


To start your own fundraiser, click here

For more information on becoming a SharksCount diver, click here

Shark Savers is grateful to the following sponsors of the event:


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