California shark fin ban AB 376: Critical vote this week

Posted on August 30, 2011
Written by: Shark Savers


Diver_with_BTF_slate_Dean_Machado650.jpgWe're finally in the home stretch. California AB 376, the bill to ban the shark fin trade will now go before the California Senate as early as Thursday, September 1st. This is the final opportunity to get the bill passed and on to Governor Brown’s desk before the current legislative session ends.

It is critical that we do not let up in our fight to get this bill passed…because the opposition certainly has not!!! Passage is not assured at this time.

We need all Californians to call your own Senators. Please also call at least 10 other Senators and urge them to support AB 376 in its original, unamended form. As the past few months have proven to us, your calls will make a difference!

Here are 3 links to help you contact the Senators.

Find your own Senator by zip code:

The list of the entire current California Senate membership. Call at least 10 of them:

Shark Savers online letter to your Senator: Sign this and your Senator will immediately receive an email:

Just some of the other things Shark Savers has been doing to get AB 376 passed:

  • Our campaign with Lush Cosmetics has resulted in about 5,000 Californians writing their Senator in support of the bill. 3,500 of those are online, the rest in-store. (In the rest of North America, we collected over 25,000 signatures to Ban the Fin petitions in just one week!). Lush has boosted awareness for sharks in all of their over 100 stores in North America with posters, literature, and the sale of 'shark fin soap'.
  • The event with Lush in San Francisco on August 24th with performance artist Alice Newstead hanging herself from shark hooks delivered the message to millions. See the photo gallery on FB.
  • Shark Savers delivered to each Senator two beautiful coffee table books about sharks, Loving Sharks by John "Chip" Scarlett, and Sharks Up Close by Jim Abernethy. Chip is on our Board of Directors and Jim is on our Advisory Board. They are both exceptional underwater photographers.
  • Shark Savers Director Sue Chen and California team leader Kevin Sullivan have been energetically and tirelessly advocating, meeting with Senators, gathering support and traveling the state to get this bill passed. Sue was one of three conservationists to provide scheduled testimony before the Appropriations Committee. Sue and Kevin return tomorrow, Wednesday, AM to Sacramento to continue to visit Senators to urge passage.

Thank you again California for your patience, your help, and your courage in addressing this extremely important environmental issue. AB 376 has made it this far, ready for debate in the main Senate, largely because of the overwhelming support from the public in terms of letters and phone calls.  Let's push this over the top for the sharks!


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