Banning Shark Fins from Shark Fin Soup

Posted on July 1, 2010
Written by: Shark Savers

vegie-sharks-fin-tureen.pngThe Hawaii shark fin ban goes into effect today. That fight was led by Chinese members of the Hawaii Senate and business community, Senator Clayton Hee and Vicky Cayetano, and fortified by the tireless efforts of Stefanie Brendl and a coalition of conservation groups, including Shark Savers.

As we have progressed in our own contribution towards reducing the consumption of shark fin soup, we have been meeting people within the Chinese community who have made this cause their own. We recently produced a short documentary film in Hong Kong and Guangzhou, China with some of these pioneers. In this film, we interviewed individuals from all walks of life who have come to reject shark fin soup and appreciate sharks. Our film is still being edited, and you will meet these people in the coming months on this site.

kian_market_200.jpgIn the past few days, we have come across another pioneer who not only has taken a stand against shark fin soup, but is also helping to popularize alternatives to it. He is Kian Lam Kho, a Chinese cook, by way of Singapore, living in the United States. He also has a very appetizing Chinese food blog, Red Cook. Kian points out that,

"We, as consumers, must also consciously make a choice not to eat shark fins if we were to succeed in preventing the extinction of the sharks".

And, to that end, in today's blog entry he is celebrating the Hawaiian law to ban shark fin by offering a new recipe for mock shark fin soup. We borrowed the title of his blog entry for this blog post. See it here


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