Alibaba to end shark fin sales

Posted on December 29, 2008
Written by: Shark Savers
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December 29, 2008

About a year ago, shortly after Shark Savers began and launched its web site, we began our first campaign: a petition urging Alibaba, a Chinese-based business-to-business Internet marketplace, to stop selling shark fins. We were not the only ones. There was a large handful of other organizations and individuals who also started petitions or other letter-writing campaigns.

Brian Darvell lives in Hong Kong and has made it a point to show up to public events where Alibaba's Founder and Chairman, Jack Ma, has appeared. One year ago, Mr. Ma took one of Brian's questions about shark fins and agreed to continue the conversation. Mr. Ma didn't exactly do that, but Brian has pursued the issue and was eventually able to have an extended conversation with an Alibaba representative who confirmed that sales of shark fin will be stopped. Brian says the following:

"Jack Ma has made good his promise of a year ago.  Whilst there was some delay for various reasons, I have been assured by the company that the intention is (barring technical difficulties) that all Alibaba group websites will be shark fin-free on January 1st, 2009."

That's great news for the sharks, and also for all of us who played a role in this by signing petitions, sending letters, and continuing to shine the light on Alibaba. We've kept this petition alive for a year, and have sent several batches of signatures and comments and further information to Allibaba in that time. In anticipation that Alibaba will follow through on its commitment, we are discontinuing the petition today.

Thanks again for all of your support on this issue.



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