Young Shark Saver Wants To Teach You About Sharks!

Posted on August 13, 2012
Written by: Shark Savers
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10facts.pngDid you know: “Shark teeth have been used as weapons and tools for many centuries”? Colin Vineberg knows this because he has been obsessed with sharks since he was two years old, and now, at the age of seven has published a book about sharks titled "10 Facts About Sharks You Never Knew."

Colin decided to write the book after learning how important sharks are to fragile marine ecosystems and that they are threatened with extinction.  He hopes his book, which he wrote and illustrated himself and is full of facts about sharks, will help raise awareness. 

We spoke to the young author:

Andy-Vineberg.JPGWhat is your name? My name is Colin Vineberg

Where do you live? Sparks, Maryland, in Baltimore County

If you could be any type of shark, what kind would you be and why? I would be a Great White because I would be the king of the sea!

Why did you want to write a book about sharks? I wanted to write about sharks because they are my favorite animal ever!  Ever since I was 2 years old I have been in love with sharks.  They got my attention early on in life and still have it. 

Why did you decide to help Shark Savers by donating some of your book’s proceeds to them? Shark Savers is important to me because they are really helpful to the sharks.  They also teach people why sharks are good for the oceans, they love sharks like I do!!

You can purchase Colin’s book at with a portion of the proceeds going to support Shark Savers’ shark conservation programs.


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