Swimming for the Sharks

Posted on June 2, 2012
Written by: Todd Cameron
Tags: Fun Fundraisers 

tcswim.jpgAs an open water swimmer with a strong connection and respect for the ocean and its inhabitants, I am using my swimming to help raise awareness for sharks in any way I can. This is how Swimming Fast – for the Sharks! came to be. I am undertaking the Great Barrier Reef Distance Challenge, swimming the length of the reef: a total distance of 2300km. I am hoping to raise $2300, a dollar for every kilometre I swim, to support Shark Savers.

Sharks have been a passion of mine since before I can remember. They are gorgeous, and quite simply perfect: the top predator in our planet's largest ecosystem.  But there was not much chance to see the ocean in rural Ontario, let alone a real shark. After a fortunate opportunity to dive with Caribbean Reef sharks in the Bahamas, I was completely hooked. I learned soon after that sharks are in deep trouble, hunted and caught annually in the millions for their fins to make a wasteful soup.  

I was in Florida for an ocean swim race in 2009 and checked out a local shark fishing tournament in Sarasota. I was in disbelief: my first time seeing large species like Bull, Lemon, and Great Hammerhead and these incredible animals were slaughtered for sport and strung up on the dock with hundreds of people clapping and cheering as trophies and prize money were handed out.  

SWFFTS_logo_sm.jpgThat day really changed me and inspired me to take on this challenge to help sharks. I am tracking my challenge and how far I have swam on my website and Facebook page. I am also a raw vegan athlete, fueled by a 100% plant-based diet. A huge thank you to all those who can help out.  

For the Sharks! FINS UP!  

To support Todd’s shark challenge please visit his donor page.
Donations raised will go towards shark conservation efforts by Shark Savers.   


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