Shark Fin-Shaped Cookies a Hit at Education Event

Posted on September 12, 2012
Written by: Shark Savers
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293336_479468082072525_1113606635_n.jpgThe only shark fin that you could eat at this wonderful new outreach event in Singapore, were cookies.

Organized by Chen Xiao Xian and Geraldine Kok from Tanjong Katong Girls School, the awareness and outreach event was part of their Project Work Festival at school, where they could choose a project that they were passionate about.  The girls identified the shark fin trade as a community-based problem that can be solved by making people aware of the importance of sharks and how close to extinction some species are. 

“This project started in January when we had to identify an underlying problem,” say the girls. “After much consideration our class has decided to choose our project as the main project they are all going to carry out during Project Work Festival Day.”

“Sharks are Friends…not Foooood!” ran the message across their colorful project board that introduces the campaign, while their original artwork tells people to “Stop Eating Sharks!” and “Help Them!”  Other students created project boards filled with facts about sharks and information on Shark Savers.  Some of them even have hidden answers to questions about sharks behind boxes, that need to be lifted up to discover more, getting people even more engaged and excited about shark conservation.

Event Slideshow

Homemade pledge buttons, cookies and more!

Along with educating others, the girls also wanted the students to take action for sharks.  They  designed their own pledge buttons with happy cartoon sharks, that people could initial and wear as a symbol that they have pledged to never eat shark fin or shark fin soup again. 

The shark fin-shaped cookies were a hit, with their sales raising $400 that was generously donated to Shark Savers and programs to help protect sharks.

“It was such a pleasant surprise!” says Catherine Teng, a volunteer team member at Shark Savers Singapore.  “We didn’t ask them to do anything and they came up with a wonderful event!”

This unique event highlights the fact that everyone can do their part to help in shark conservation.  To plan your own event or fundraiser, vist our Get Active Section.



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