[Sea]mergency: A 96 Hour Fundraising Marathon to Benefit Shark and Manta Conservation

Posted on June 27, 2013
Written by: Brian
Tags: Shark Fin Soup  Manta Ray of Hope 

[Sea]mergency promo video

sharkhugz.pngGamers and artists from around the world are kicking off a 96-hour web based fundraising marathon today to benefit shark and manta ray conservation. The unique event, dubbed [Sea]mergency, is hosted here and starts at 6pm (PT), continuing through the weekend. Proceeds go directly to Shark Savers’ programs and campaigns.

[Sea]mergency raises funds through donor requests for pictures drawn by digital artists in real time. All donors have an opportunity to win a variety of shark prizes and custom artwork as well as purchase [Sea]mergency t-shirts.  The event will also feature “speedruns,” a favorite among video game fans.

“We will proudly present a full 96 hours of speedruns,” said Elias Galvan of event organizer Shark Stream. “If you enjoy video games, please come join us, watch them be completed as quickly as possible, and make a donation towards the future of marine life. Our goal this year is to raise at least $5,000 in donations to Shark Savers.”

Q&A with Elias Galvan:

Who is Shark Stream?

Shark Stream is a collection of artists and “speed runners” who volunteer their time to organize a fundraising marathon for the betterment of sharks and the ocean. Organized by Pan Wyatt (Octary) for three years in a row, she hopes this year will be more successful than ever.

Why sharks?

The most frequent question Shark Stream receives is, “Why are you running this event for sharks over other causes?” Sharks are overfished and have an undeserved bad reputation. Put simply, sharks definitely need more people going to bat for them right now.

Speedruns? What are those?

A speedrun is a “playthrough” of a video game done as quickly as possible. Many dedicated runners from Speed Runs Live have volunteered their time for the marathon this year. Playing classic games like Ocarina of Time to contemporary titles like Dark Souls. Please see our schedule of games for details.



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