Sea Wizards: 72hr Art Marathon to Raise Money for Sharks!

Posted on July 2, 2012
Written by: Shark Savers
Tags: Fun Fundraisers 

Art Charity Marathon Gallery

See what the artists created for last year's event!

Don’t miss your chance to grab one-of-a-kind artwork designed just for you by a group of very talented Shark Savers!

Ara Elkins and Pan Wyatt are organizing their second Charity Art Marathon this July 27-30 starting at 7pm EST to raise money for sharks.  A rotating group of artists will work in shifts for 72 hours straight, chatting live with donors and whoever wants to watch as they draw pictures for the donors for the duration of the event.

People will be able to donate with a picture request, and one of the volunteer artists will draw their request for them, starting with the highest dollar amount and working down. Donors can win a variety of neat Shark prizes, raffled off throughout the event, as well as more custom artwork by the volunteers. There will also be a custom t-shirt for the event, available for a limited time.

The volunteer artists come from a variety of internet communities and either through love of sharks, or love of art, wish to extend their talents to this worthwhile cause and have fun for what is sure to be an entertaining and unique internet event.

Last year Ara and Pan’s Art Marathon raised $2,466 dollars for Sharksavers, and this year they have added more artists, more prizes, an extra 24 hours and hopefully even more sharks saved!

To take part in this one-of-a-kind opportunity to help sharks, simply visit on July 27 to bid for your shark art!


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