Help Us Stop the Soup at Chinese Wedding Banquets

Posted on April 14, 2010
Written by: Claudia Li

Happy_Hearts.jpgShark Truth (one of Shark Savers' partners) is a grassroots nonprofit promoting awareness around shark fin soup in the Chinese community. Our goal is to Stop the Soup at wedding banquets (where shark fin soup is most popularly served) through our 'Happy Hearts Love Sharks' international wedding contest we just launched. We are looking for partners to give us a hand in promoting the contest - would you be interested in sending a message out to your network (blogs, newsletters, Facebook or Twitter)?

Here's a bit more information about the contest:

Happy Hearts Love Sharks
Wedding Contest 2010

Did you know that a wedding banquet serving shark fin soup to 300 guests can kill up to 30 sharks? Through the 'Happy Hearts Love Sharks' wedding contest, we will reward couples who submit a video or photo entry of their pledge to Stop the Soup at their wedding banquet and promote shark fin soup alternatives.

Couples can enter now for a chance to our International Grand Prize: a waterproof digital camera and an adopt-a-shark package.

**The first 5 international couples to enter the contest will get the beautiful coffee table book “Sharks Up Close”, which captures the majestic, beautiful shark in photography.

Contest closes May 9th, 2010

Registration and contest details at

Questions and comments? Email

Stop the Soup - Spread Shark Truth

Download a pamphlet file that you can feel free to spread widely! More goodies can be downloaded here:

Want more info?

Why wedding banquets?
'Happy Hearts Love Sharks' wedding contest:
More about Shark Truth:

If you want to help us Stop the Soup or if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me directly. Shark Truth look forward to hearing from you!


Claudia Li, BBA
Founder & Co-Chair |  Shark Truth


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