48-Hour Web-athon of Art for Sharks!

Posted on December 23, 2011
Written by: Hannah Medd
Tags: Fun Fundraisers 

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Staying awake for 48 hours while you create artwork suggested by others, while the entire process streams live on the internet. That may seem like a novel idea to some, but to Ara Elkins it was just a fun way to share his appreciation for sharks.

Ara and his friends devised a unique plan to bring together the online art communities they each belong to and raise some funds for Shark Savers. The event began on December 16th, 2011 and continued for two days non-stop. Artists volunteered their time and talents drew pictures in real time to flow into a live art stream on an event web page. Participants donated using Shark Savers' fundraiser's Donor Page specially set up for the event.

The artists drew 'on demand, creating what was requested by the person donating the highest dollar amount. Here are some examples. Click each image to see them larger:

Donors could converse live with the artist through an embedded text chat. The artists kept a conference line open with a team of volunteers that managed the communications, donations, suggestions and prize announcements. All donors, even if they were not the highest bid, eligible for prizes that were handed out during the event, including grand prizes of one-of-a-kind, commissioned pieces by the artists.

The event drew attention from several on-line communities, fellow artists, general web users, and even someone researching shark finning.

“We love sharks and we are happy with what Shark Savers is working to do for them” said Pan Wyatt, who helped create and run the event.

We were thrilled to hear that this artistic, 2-day marathon was so successful for the artists and raised $2,466 for shark conservation! Shark Savers is incredibly thankful for the hard work and talent of the artists, volunteers and participants of this exceptional event; we hope you catch up on your sleep!

With web, networking, and communication advances there are ever increasing and innovative ways to support Shark Savers’ committed efforts to protect sharks. These technologies allow our global community that cares about the future of sharks to make a real difference and Shark Savers looks forward to the next amazing idea!  

Feeling inspired? You, too, can create or celebrate an event by raising funds to save sharks and rays through Shark Savers' programs. Click here to learn more about creating your own fundraiser, with your personalized Donor Page for shark conservation. Thank you


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