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About Shark Savers

Our mission is to save sharks and rays

Photo Credit: Douglas Seifert
About Shark Savers

We started Shark Savers to save the sharks.

UPDATE: WildAid and Shark Savers have merged. Shark Savers’ programs and name joined WildAid’s portfolio of programs to protect endangered wildlife species including elephants, rhinos, and tigers; combining the complementary capabilities of the two organizations and increasing the efficiency of operations.

WildAid focuses on addressing the human threat to wildlife.  Our comprehensive approach includes public awareness campaigns and educational initiatives to reduce consumer demand for wildlife products, and working with communities to support and enforce key protected habitats around the world. WildAid has also defined a comprehensive marine enforcement model that focuses on the law enforcement chain, which encompasses the activities of detection, interception, prosecution, and the sentencing of lawbreakers. For more information, please visit:

About WildAid