The Shark Savers Blog: first post

Posted on October 17, 2007
Written by: Shark Savers

Most of us met through our dive club here in New York City, Oceanblue Divers. In the spring of 2007, we had the opportunity to see Sharkwater and organize a benefit screening for a larger group. It became clear from that experience that there was work to do with saving sharks, and that we had the ability and responsibility to help.

In preparing this site, we spent a lot of time reviewing other shark sites. It's interesting that there are so many shark sites out there and several ask the question, 'Why do we need another shark site?' And to that, we could add the question, 'Why do we need another shark organization?'. You may be asking that same question. There are good, some great, sites out there and many other shark enthusiasts. Do we really need more shark site clutter in this world?

So, why do we feel that there is a place for one more? Our research suggests that shark groups and sites focus on one or more pieces of the equation. Some focus on research. Others on education. Still others on policy issues. Or building awareness. It was hard for us, as individuals, to figure out which, if any of those, we could actually be a part of. Sure, we could donate money. But where could we join up? Where could we be a part of a group in our hometown that could take action? We couldn't find a place for that. We don't mean to suggest it's not out there, nor do we mean to diminish the value of the important work other organizations are doing. But, we didn't find a group for us. So, we started Shark Savers.

We hope Shark Savers will grow to be an open, community-based organization. We hope that some of you will like what you see and want to not only join, but contribute energy, and maybe even start your own local Shark Savers. We want to empower that, and invite you in.

We also are in the process of establishing partnerships with other organizations that are focusing on saving the sharks and the oceans. We don't have visions of grandeur, thinking that we can do it alone. We don't have the experience that some other organizations have in the area of policy, research, generating donations, etc. So, we plan to work with some of the best of them. 

But, let's get back to the reason for Shark Savers. Sharks. I can't tell you how many friends and family have said to me, with an incredulous look on their face 'you mean you want to save sharks?' Yeah, we want to save sharks. Those magnificent, maligned, extraordinary creatures. Not all of them are as cute as a panda bear or a leatherback turtle, but the more we know about them, the more we love them. 

The chances are you have come to this site because you love sharks, too. Or are at least curious about them. The Shark Saver site and the content has a long way to go--we just started--but we hope the site enriches your understanding and appreciation of sharks. And there are things you can do here. We have a petition for you to sign. Give us some money. Comment or make a suggestion. Join up.

And, thanks for coming.

The Shark Savers team.