Sharkwater opens to good reviews

Posted on November 3, 2007
Written by: Shark Savers

The New York Times reviewer, Matt Zoller Seitz, says:

"This beautiful and horrifying debut feature by the underwater cameraman Rob Stewart of Toronto characterizes the depletion of the world’s shark population as an ecological catastrophe with dire consequences for humanity." See the full review

And from the Boston Herald : “Sharkwater,” Rob Stewart’s heartfelt, visually stunning documentary, makes a compelling case that the shark is in need of international help."

Not exactly a review, but you may want to read this new interview with Rob Stewart atLAist . "In a year of great documentaries, Sharkwater resides in the very top tier. It is a passionate advocacy film about the immense slaughter of sharks currently going on in the world's oceans."

A few of us Shark Savers saw Sharkwater again earlier this week at an advance screening provided by WNYC to its members. It was just as moving as it was when we first viewed Sharkwater last spring.

At this showing, more than half of the audience signed the petition we brought along for our partner, the COOL campaign (Conserve our Ocean Legacy). Not a bad response.

If you haven't seen Sharkwater, yet, check the Sharkwater site to see if it is playing near you.