Shark Savers Partners with IndoChine to Promote Shark-Friendly Business Practices

Posted on November 26, 2012
Written by: Shark Savers
Tags: I'm FINished with FINs Campaign 

greenfestposter.jpgShark Savers Singapore, a shark conservation non-profit organization, will be reaching out important industry and political leaders in the business community about the unsustainable shark fin trade by partnering with IndoChine at their annual Green Festival in Singapore from November 22-28. 

The Green Festival is a series of lifestyle events aimed at promoting environmental awareness to business leaders and senior executives to encourage positive change to business practices.  As part of this year’s focus on marine conservation, the festival has added a forum on the shark fin trade and a special screening of the award-winning film “SharkWater.”

“This is an unprecedented opportunity to reach out to businesses about shark conservation,” says Jonn Lu, director of Shark Savers Singapore. “We want to thank IndoChine for not only taking the corporate pledge to never serve shark fin soup, but also for making sharks their focus at their annual Green Festival.”

With 25 resorts throughout Singapore, Thailand and Hamburg, The IndoChine Group is a leader in environmentally-friendly luxury and a proud supporter of shark protection, taking the Shark Savers pledge to be FINished with shark fin earlier this year.

“As a nature-loving company, IndoChine has never served shark fin or any other endangered species” says CEO of the IndoChine Group, Michael Ma.  “As such, this year we have decided to place the focus of our annual festival on the plight of marine life.”

Shark fin soup is a leading cause of the decline of shark populations, with up 70 million sharks being killed each year to fill the demand for shark fin.  Encouraging businesses to stop serving shark fin soup at corporate events is a part Shark Savers’ I’m FINished with FINS campaign that works to reduce demand that is driving the shark fin trade. 

Shark Savers will be kicking off the festival as part of the Marine Conservation Forum, an event that will bring together experts from the field of marine science to discuss the state of the shark fin trade, and will close off the event with the “I’m FINished with FINS” Gala Dinner. 

With celebrity guests, foreign diplomats and a host of influential business leaders, the Green Festival hopes to be rallying point for all businesses to do their part in protecting sharks and the environment.  “If every business signed the corporate pledge to never serve shark fin soup,” says Lu, “we really could change the future for vulnerable and endangered shark species.”



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