Shark Savers announces new members of Board of Directors

Posted on December 10, 2009
Written by: Shark Savers

Shark Savers is very pleased to announce an expansion of our Board of Directors to include some of our favorite luminaries in the world of shark advocacy, Wendy Benchley, Shawn Heinrichs, Ellen Pikitch, and Chip Scarlett.

Wendy Benchley has a 30-year career as an environmental activist and elected official in New Jersey government. For 43 years, she was also the partner to her husband, Peter Benchley, and his long commitment to ocean and shark conservation causes. Wendy has recently resigned her elected posts in order to focus on shark and ocean conservation. We are fortunate that Shark Savers is a part of this next phase of Wendy's activities.

Shawn Heinrichs has been a member of our Advisory Board and a very active collaborator in our programs since almost the start of Shark Savers. Shawn is an underwater videographer and producer who has dedicated his efforts to fighting and documenting shark finning, as well as supporting marine protected areas.

Dr. Ellen Pikitch has also been one of our Advisors. We are pleased that she is increasing her commitment to Shark Savers as a Board member. Ellen is the Executive Director of the Institute for Ocean Conservation Science and a Professor at SUNY Stony Brook's School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences. Ellen has also demonstrated considerable skill in applying science to fight the over-exploitation of marine life.

John 'Chip' Scarlett has been a CEO and builder of several biotech companies. But his passions lie underwater, as a keen shark advocate and award-winning photographer. We are very glad to be able to apply Chip's business leadership experience to the shark cause.