Our Iconic “I’m FINished” Campaign Against Shark Fin Soup on Billboards in Singapore

Posted on December 11, 2012
Written by: Shark Savers
Tags: I'm FINished with FINS Kampagne 

billboard.jpgShark Savers’ successful I’m FINIshed with FINS campaign moves into the streets on bus ad billboards across Singapore. The ads feature local celebrities urging their fellow Singaporeans to stop consuming shark fin soup.

Would you like to get this message of shark conservation in front more people? Now is your chance. Your donation can help us make an even greater impact by helping place the ad in more locations and to support the expansion of I’m FINished throughout Asia.

 “We’re asking people in Singapore to say 'I’m FINished” with shark fin'" says Jonn Lu, director of Shark Savers Singapore, who is spearheading the initiative. “It’s a simple idea of personal choice and empowerment, and we want people to declare it and share this conviction with others.”

Each poster features one of 58 local celebrities that have signed on to the campaign, including famous actors and actresses, faces from fashion, music, sports and radio, as well as journalists, writers and distinguished members of parliament.

Striking facts about the shark fin trade are paired with every portrait.  On the poster featuring our Campaign Ambassador Hossan Leong, people will read that “The marine ecosystem is dependent on sharks as top predators of the oceans to stay robust and healthy.  I’m doing my part to protect sharks and the oceans. What about you?” 

Thanks to the support of OOH Media, Shark Savers has already placed the first wave of campaign posters in 80 locations throughout Singapore.  These first positions are donated, but production and management is not. We also need to place the ads in other prominent locations as the campaign moves to Hong Kong and Taiwan in early 2013.

Donate to Shark Savers today and help expand this campaign to even more locations and countries around the world.