New Patrol Boat for Raja Ampat Shark Sanctuary

Posted on April 9, 2012
Written by: Shark Savers
Tags: Haischutzgebiete Projekt 

MER.ranger.juergen.freund.jpgShark Savers is excited to announce that sufficient funds have been raised to purchase a new patrol boat for the southern portion of the Raja Ampat Shark Sanctuary that is under the protection of Misool Eco Resort (MER), the winner of Travel & Leisure’s Global Vision 2011 Marine Conservation award, and its partner communities.

In 2010, the Raja Ampat Shark Sanctuary was declared in Indonesia resulting from a successful collaboration between Shark Savers and Misool Eco Resort and the support of thousands of divers, tour operators, and NGOs. Within the Raja Ampat Shark Sanctuary is Misool Eco Resort’s 1200 sq. Km No Take Zone. MER manages a totally local, community-based ranger patrol team to protect this highly bio-diverse marine paradise.

In November 2011, we announced an initiative to purchase a new patrol boat that is urgently needed to keep the poachers out in this southern region of the Raja Ampat Shark Sanctuary.

Shawn Heinrichs, Shark Savers’ Director, was the recipient of Scuba Diving’s prestigious 2011 Oris Sea Hero of the Year award. Shawn directed that 100% of his $5,000 award be donated to Shark Savers for the ranger boat. Shark Savers received that $5,000 check from Oris Watches and matched the donation with our own $5,000 grant towards the boat. In addition, many of you made donations to Shark Savers designated towards the patrol boat. All of these funds have now been delivered to MER’s Misool Baseftin Foundation. Other individuals, organizations, and dive operators donated directly to Misool Baseftin Foundation to complete the total needed for the boat.

We thank all of you who donated to the purchase of the new ranger boat. The sharks, mantas, and the pristine eco-system of Raja Ampat need this ranger boat. In a few short weeks, the boat will be patrolling the region.