Giant Malaysian Conglomerate The Berjaya Group is FINished with FINS

Posted on July 10, 2012
Written by: Shark Savers
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Berjaya2.jpgThe Berjaya Group, one of the largest and most influential conglomerates in Malaysia, has announced that they are FINished with FINS and will no longer be serving shark fin soup in any one of their 18 hotels and resorts around the world, or at any corporate events and meetings.

“We congratulate Berjaya Executive Director Leong Wy Joon for being a true corporate leader in conservation,” said Jonn Lu, director of Shark Savers Singapore, who spearheaded the corporate pledge.  “The Berjaya group is making the right decision for sharks, for the environment and for their bottom line.”

This announcement is particularly important as it sets an unprecedented benchmark for corporate pledges against shark fin soup in Asia.  As the owners of the Shangri-la group in Singapore, the Peninsula Hotel in Hong Kong, as well as the owner of all franchises for Malaysian 7-11, Krispy Crème and Starbucks, The Berjaya Group wields considerable influence and sets the tone for other companies to follow.  

Shark Savers has been working with Berjaya’s Tioman Resort since the beginning of the year to implement the changes and is thrilled with the level of commitment towards sharks.  As apex predators, sharks are integral to the health of the marine ecosystem, and their disappearance is affecting reefs, oceans and fish stocks.  The Berjaya resorts are dependent on the marine ecosystem and have committed to protecting their environment by signing the corporate pledge to be FINished with shark FIN.

berjaya1.jpgUnlike other pledges, the Shark Savers corporate pledge takes effect immediately, across the board for all companies under the Berjaya name, and doesn’t have the loopholes that have allowed other so-called “fin-free” companies to have secret menus, or private rooms that serve shark fin soup.   

“Shark Savers has definitely helped us with the pledge and actually made us more aware, and also the consumer more aware, to not eat shark fin soup,” said Mr. Joon, announcing the pledge during the World Ocean Day celebrations on Saturday.

“In a whole group of people, it starts with one,” he added.  “I really look forward to other hotels, other resorts, to join us and take this pledge to make a better future for our children and our grandchildren.”