Celebrities pledge “I’m FINished” with Shark Fin at SharkAid 2012

Posted on May 7, 2012
Written by: Shark Savers
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Shark Savers Singapore campaign event rallies support for sharks

hossanleong.jpgMay 1, 2012, Singapore. Celebrities, artists and conservationists stood in unison to raise awareness about sharks and the negative impact of shark’s fin soup at SharkAid 2012, a free public concert held today at Cathay Cineleisure Orchard. Education and individual action lie at the heart of this concert, which aims to kindle groundswell support among Singaporeans to pledge “I’m FINished” with the consumption of shark fin.

SharkAid 2012, jointly organised by Shark Savers Singapore and ACRES, is the first in a series of free concerts to be held around the world. The concert is part of a Singapore-led grassroots campaign aimed at reversing the culture of consuming shark’s fin soup, and garnering support for a banqueting and trade ban. A full day carnival was also held, with games and screenings aimed at engaging Singaporeans to learn about shark conservation.

Informal research conducted among 500 Singaporeans aged 12 years and above to inform the Shark Savers campaign indicated that a significant number of people are aware that the shark fin trade is causing harm to the ocean environment due to unsustainable fishing practices. About half of the respondents who consume shark fin said they continue to consume the soup not because they want it, but because of social decorum or a desire not to waste food when it is placed before them.

However, Singapore persists as one of the highest per-capita consumers of shark’s fin soup. The majority or 84 per cent of respondents said correctly that Hong Kong ranks as the top shark fin trading country, but many are not aware that Singapore is the second largest. The majority of respondents also said they do not know that sharks are apex predators.

eugenetan.jpgThe SharkAid 2012 event and Shark Savers’ “I’m FINished” campaign is designed to continue to educate while making it socially acceptable to stop eating shark fin.

Jonn Lu, Director of Shark Savers Singapore said, “Singaporeans are generally savvy regarding the negative impact of shark finning. The challenge lies in translating knowledge into action. The "I'm FINished" campaign urges individual action and conviction, and promotes respect for personal choice. It really is OK to say “I’m FINished” with shark’s fin soup.”

At SharkAid 2012, Shark Savers Singapore ambassador Hossan Leong was joined by a first rate line-up of local and international artistes including Sylvia Ratonel, Eli T, Tessera and Darryl Yong to make a public pledge to stop consuming shark fin. The concert was also supported by radio, television and sports personalities such as Vernetta Lopez, Jean Danker, Adrian Pang, swimmer Arren Quek and Singapore’s first professional Mixed Martial Artist, Mohammad Radeem, among others.

“I am very proud and happy to be part of Shark Savers’ “I’m FINished” campaign. Increasingly, we Singaporeans hear that global shark populations are being threatened and how bad this is for the marine environment. But the situation is urgent, and it is time for people to join us and take a stand against consuming shark fin,” said Hossan Leong, Shark Savers Singapore’s campaign ambassador and the host of SharkAid 2012.