ACTION ALERT: Further Action Needed to Pass NY Shark Fin Ban!

Posted on May 25, 2012
Written by: Shark Savers
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ShawnHeinrichs-2011-06-09-at-17-35-52---Version-2thumb.jpgNew York State residents only: Your help is needed to move the New York shark fin ban bill forward. The bill (A.7707a/S.6431) now needs the support from Commissioner Martens of the NY Department of Environmental Conservation before the legislative Environmental Conservation Committee will consider it for a vote.

We are running out of time: the NY legislative session ends in June. Commissioner Martens has not yet acted on the bill and we need to get the bill moving now or it may not reach the floor of the legislature for a vote this year.

Commissioner Martens has been asked to suggest rewording of the bill to accommodate the shark fishery. This could include the continued trade or export of the fins of certain shark species, such as the spiny dogfish. Shark Savers has urged Commissioner Martens to support the complete ban of the shark fin trade in New York State.

Please email Commissioner Joe Martens today to ask him to support Bill A.7707a/S.6431 as written to provide a complete ban on the shark fin trade!

Or, send him a letter
Commissioner Joe Martens
New York State Department of Environmental Conservation
625 Broadway
Albany, NY 12233-1010

The shark fin trade is by far the leading reason why sharks populations are being decimated in worldwide oceans. Sharks, as apex predators, are critical to maintaining ecological balance in the oceans and their loss can have devastating impacts on ocean health and supply of seafood, and even the fisheries.

New York should not be a part of this destructive trade and we should not provide exemptions to allow the trade or export of some fins that would undermine the effectiveness of a shark fin ban.

Let's join Hawaii, California, Oregon, Washington State, Guam and CNMI in passing strong laws to completely ban all of the shark fin trade.

Thank you!