Kirk Keong Lee

Kirk.jpgBeing Chinese & loving good food (I'm a vegetarian since 9 July, 2011), I've always loved Shark Fin Soup. The only time I got to taste it was during Wedding Banquets. My tongue would feel happy when it come to second dish of the night "THE Shark Fin Soup".  My strategy was to slurp up and be the first to finish the soup on the first serve so I can get a second serve.

Normally, this dish is served during Chinese wedding banquets and corporate dinners. There are those wealthier ones who would order this dish on a more regular basis at Chinese restaurants, but most people don't because it is pricey.

It never crossed my mind on how Shark Fins were obtained, harvested and at what rate was the killing. I continued with my craze without any guilt even though I was then a diver. Yah yah, they are already dead anyway and being Chinese, my mom always teaches us not to waste food... If i don’t eat it, someone else would, may as well I enjoy this great soup (perfect excuse).

Until 1 day, i came to watch a clip:

This clip change my life, could not sleep, was up the whole morning thinking about it, 3 days later, I founded a Facebook page called Save Our Sharks From A Bowl Of Soup: This page has already grown to have over 15,000 'likes'.

In December 2011 I initiated a thank you letter to the State Minister of Culture, Environment and Tourism of Sabah, Malaysia for proposing a Shark ban in Sabah state. The letter also carries a signed support from international celebrity Michelle Yeoh along with over 40 local Malaysians and celebrities, and over 50 International NGOs.

I'm not a Marine Biology or Shark Expert, just an individual like you. But i strongly believe that if you put effort into the cause you believe in so much, "YOU" can make a difference. I am excited to have joined forces with Shark Savers to continue the effort as part of this great team.

Favorite quote: "A Conservationist is not a person who says the river is dirty but a person who clean up the river."