Judson Chiu

Judson2.jpgJudson Chiu's professional background is in Electrical Engineering, with a Bachelor's of Applied Science in Engineering from the University of Toronto. He started his career at the world renown steel manufacturing company Dofasco, building advanced measurement and machine vision systems. Through various projects his work created savings in the hundreds of thousands of dollars and he received a USPTO patent relating to a measurement system for blast furnaces. The technology and systems he developed was compelling to other steel mills around the world and so he along with his supervisor formed IQ Manufacturing Solutions that license and sold the technology worldwide. The company was awarded contracts from the US, Canada and Brazil, grossing over a million dollars. In 2009, IQ Manufacturing Solutions was acquired. In 2011, Judson incorporated his own company, JChiu Industries, that is looking to commercialize the next generation of advanced technology.

He is a highly conscientious green advocate who enjoys spending time to help others. During high school he joined Sleep/Wake Disorders Canada to bring important news and information to sufferers of sleep related illnesses such as sleep apnea, sleep walking and Nacrolepsy. He's participated in many fundraising events such as the WWF CN Tower Climb, the Heart & Stroke Ride for Heart and raising money for Red Cross during the Szechuan Earthquake. He provides support through donations and time to NPOs including Shark Savers, WWF, Conservation International, Habitat for Humanity and the Canadian Cancer Society.

Judson's interest in Shark Savers is a culmination of a long fascination with ocean life and animals in general. He's visited over 15 zoos & aquariums in different parts of the world and hopes to see more wildlife in the years to come. He enjoys digital photography, has a black belt in Ving Tsun martial arts, loves to travel, social network and is an avid digital reader.