Jenny Chin

Jenny.jpgIn year 2010 March, my husband Kirk Lee decided he will stop consuming shark fin soup and started the facebook page Save our sharks from a bowl of soup.

At that time I was still not convinced to take such a step. After all, shark fin soup was just another seafood dish. After reading and researching more I realized there’s more to it, especially the threat of extinction and collapse of the ocean ecosystem. I decided no more shark fins for me.

Since then I’ve been actively involved in sharing, spreading awareness and educating people on this problem. In July 2011 MIDE (Malaysia International Dive Expo), we managed to garner up to 80 volunteers for our Shark Savers booth, successfully getting 4,704 pledges to No shark fins. I conducted several training sessions for the volunteers before the event. I also did a talk for the students at Nottingham University (Malaysia) on the shark fin crisis.

I’m a diver and I’ve always had a love for the ocean. Sharks are the most intriguing and fascinating to me. The thought of them disappearing from our ocean deeply saddens me. I truly believe awareness and education can change the choices consumers make and bring down the demand for shark fins.