Rob Stewart

rob2.jpgRob Stewart, born in Toronto, Canada, is an award-winning wildlife photographer and the director of Sharkwater.

Stewart began photographing underwater when he was 13. He became a certified scuba instructor trainer at age 18, and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from the University of Western Ontario, and has studied Marine Biology and Zoology at universities in Kenya and Jamaica.

Stewart spent four years traveling the world as the chief photographer for the Canadian Wildlife Federation magazines, and has logged thousands of hours underwater, using the latest in rebreather and camera technologies.

His work underwater and on land has appeared in nearly every media form worldwide, from BBC Wildlife, Asian Diver, Outpost and GEO magazines to the Discovery Channels, ABC, BBC, night clubs and feature films.

Rob is igniting a movement to unite around a new view of sharks in order to conserve our oceans, and ultimately, human life on earth. He believes the largest threat to the oceans is a lack of awareness. If the public knew what was going on, that sharks populations have already dropped over 90% and that our oceans – our life support systems – are being destroyed, the situation could be turned around. He remains tirelessly committed to building that awareness while making it “cool” to conserve.