Jonn Lu

Jonn_Lu.jpgJonn Lu is an Economics and Political Science graduate from Columbia University in New York City. After a stint at the United Nations and the abandonment of the dream to become a career diplomat, he worked at a law firm in Hong Kong as a marketing executive.

From there, he moved on to technology start-ups, delved into data-mining and subsequently merged his company with a prominent Application Service Provider (often referred to as a 'Software as a Service') in Singapore. Jonn then became involved with various opportunities that included venture capital and angel funding work, brand consulting and pre-IPO preparation.

In 2004, he began to pursue a personal interest: documentary and film making. He attained a MFA in film and joined a few classmates as director and producer of social and marine-related documentaries.

A zealous weekend warrior, he is a rock climbing instructor, triathlete and multi-terrain adventure racer. When not running around climbing trees and rocks, he's in the water as a NAUI Scuba Diving / NAUI Technical Diving Instructor and Freediving Instructor.

He joined Shark Savers in 2010 as a Volunteer Leader and subsequently became a director of the Asian Headquarters based in Hong Kong. A Singaporean living and working in HK, he is launching Shark Savers Asian teams, motivating grassroots volunteer networks and forming partnerships in the region.


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