Yoga for the Sharks

Yoga_in_the_Park_2.jpgWe all know that the practice of yoga supports stress relief and relaxation but did you know that it can also support shark conservation?

“Saving our oceans and sea life are important to us so we started this a few years ago” said Karen Ganley of Yoga Energy Studio, who host a monthly Yoga in the Park titled "Salutations to the Sea" to support ocean initiatives.  100% of the proceeds go directly to the charity of their choice, and since nothing is spent on advertising they rely heavily on word-of-mouth and social media. 

We were honored to be chosen as their community cause for the month.  Participants met at Flora Wylie Park and participated in a yoga class to the tunes of acoustic guitar and the sounds of the ocean.  This peaceful event raised $200 for Shark Savers and we truly appreciate the awesome effort.

The calming effects of yoga and the ocean is a perfect pairing and it took the ingenuity of those in the greater community to come up with such an amazing way to support our mission to save sharks. Do you have a fun and unique idea about how to raise funds for shark conservation, too? If so, click here to register as a Shark Savers’ fund raiser and help us continue our work to protect sharks!


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